Con Temple Festival

Vietnam Festivals - Con Temple FestivalTime: The 19th to the 21st day of the first lunar month.
Place: Phuong Can Village, Quynh Phuong Commune, Quynh Luu District, Nghe An Province.
Objects of worship: Duc Thanh Mau, the Holy Mother – one of four goddesses (she protects and supports for villagers to have prosperous life, helping the armies cross the ocean safe and sound).
Characteristics: Game of mimic navy battle.

Con Temple is one of the most sacred temples in Nghe An. It was built in 1235 under Tran Dynasty and situated near by sea gate of Lach Con, among a charming mountains and water area. Con Temple Festival opens with boats decorated with flags, flowers, the sounds of drums and gongs. The game of mimic navy battle is related to the legend of building temple. The game includes blue and red troops which are fought on an obstacles and difficult of access range of mountain from Oi Village to Con Temple. Mimic battle is held every 3-year. Among which, the custom of oi running is unique feature of Con Temple Festival. It involves many traditional games: fairy swinging, wrestling, human chess playing, dragon boat racing, Vietnamese opera (tuong), popular opera (cheo), chau van songs… At the end of the festival are the ceremonies of praying for peaceful life, good fortune, thanksgiving, consult a fortuneteller…