Foreign travelers flock to Quang Nam

In the firForeign travelers flock to Quang Namst half of this year, the central province of Quang Nam has received nearly 1.4 million tourists, presenting a year-on-year increase of over 30 percent and fulfilling more than 50 percent of its yearly target.

Of the total, 811,000 are foreigners and 587,000 are Vietnamese.

The province’s earnings from tourism in the review period were estimated at VND619 billion, 27.76 percent higher than last year’s same period.

Most of the tourists flocked to the ancient city of Hoi An and My Son Sanctuary, which were recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage sites.

According to plan, a chain of restaurants, entertainment and recreation areas and eco-garden villas will be built in Dien Ban district and Hoi An city.

Quang Nam currently has 113 hotels with 4,622 rooms, three of which are five-star and 11 others four-star and detailed guidebooks published in Vietnamese, English and Russian to widely promote tourism.