Long My Historical Site

Two hLong My Historical Siteundred years ago, it was a forested land. In 1920, it was reclaimed to become now a well-off rural area. Upon arriving in Long My, tourists may visit the temple dedicated to Uncle Ho in Luong Tam Commune. Being built in 1969 by the Party Committee and people of Long My, the temple has undergone many restorations. At present, it covers an area of one hectare. Annually, it received a great number of visitors coming to pay tribute to Uncle Ho, especially on May 19 and September 2.

Long My has a complex in which visitors may find interesting things about the glorious history in the two resistance wars. There are also facilities for entertainment and recreation.

In Long My one should not forget to drop in the stork sanctuary in Xa Phien Commune. Having been established since 1986, the sanctuary now boasts tens of thousands of storks of various types and 30 typical species of birds in South Vietnam. Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of the sanctuary and listen to the chirping of he birds, amid the beautiful landscape and natural surroundings. Long My will soon become a well-known cultural and eco-t­ourism destination in Hau Giang Province.