Pre-Le Dynasty (980-1009)

Vietnam History - Pre-Le DynastyKings of Pre-Le Dynasty (980-1009)
Le Dai Hanh (980-1005)
Dynastic title: Thien Phuc (980-988); Hung Thong (989-993); Ung Thien (994-1005)
Le Trung Tong (1005)
Le Long Dinh (1005-1009)

To deal with the danger of Sung troops, the Court and army appointed a talented general, Le Hoan. The latter defeated the Sung army on both land and water, thus saving the country (981). The next year, and expedition led by Le Hoan invaded the Kingdom of Champa and conquered its capital Indrapura (now in Quang Nam Province), removing the threat of invasion from the south for a long time to come.

Emperor Le Dai Hanh committed the same error as his predecessor Dinh Tien Hoang in that he repudiated his oldest son Le Ngan Tich as heir to the throne. In his will, he gave preference to a younger son, Le Long Viet. Le Dai Hanh died in 1005, at the age of 65 and after 25 years of rule.

Never before in Vietnam’s history had an emperor’s rule been so hated as Le Long Dinh’s. The people and peasants at that time were sick and tired of the cruelty which marked his rule. A few counselors and monks were plotting to install a new ruler. When Le Long Dinh died he left an infant son who was to succeed him, but the court, now heavily under the influence of monks and Buddhism, agreed to enthrone Ly Cong Uan as the new emperor