The Later Le Dynasty

Kings of The Later Le Dynasty (Restored Le) (1533–1788):Vietnam History - The Later Le Dynasty

– Le Trang Tong (1533–1548)
– Le Trung Tong (1548–1556)
– Le Anh Tong (1556–1573)
– Le The Tong (1573–1599)
– Le Kinh Tong (1600–1619)
– Le Than Tong (1619–1643)
– Le Chan Tong (1643–1649)
– Le Than Tong (again: 1649-1662)
– Le Huyen Tong (1663–1671)
– Le Gia Tong (1672–1675)
– Le Hy Tong (1676–1704)
– Le Du Tong (1705–1728)
– Hon Duc Cong (1729–1732)
– Le Thuan Tong (1732–1735)
– Le Y Tong (1735–1740)
– Le Hien Tong (1740–1786)
– Le Chieu Thong (1786–1788)

In 1533, the Nguyễn-Trịnh alliance captured the Đông Đô (Eastern Capital) of Vietnam and crowned Lê Trang Tông as the next Lê emperor. In official Vietnamese history, this date marks the end of the Mạc Dynasty, the beginning of the second half of the Later Lê Dynasty, though the reality was quite different.

Both the Trịnh and Nguyễn clans again took up arms in Thanh Hoa province and revolted against the Mac. The leader of this second revolt was Nguyen Kim. His daughter then married the new young leader of the Trinh clan Trinh Kiem. Within five years, all of the region south of the Red River was under the control of the Nguyen-Trinh army but the two families were unable to conquer Ha Noi (known as “Thăng Long” at that time).

Mac Dang Dung ruled in Hanoi till his death in 1541 and his descendants ruled in Hanoi until 1592. The country was divided into two portions though gradually the Trịnh-Nguyen alliance took over more and more of the country from the Mạc.