Van Phuc Silk

Situated on the banks of the Nhue River, Van Phuc Village (in Ha Dong District, Hanoi) has long been famous for its traditional craft of silk weaving. Over the years, Van Phuc silk and related products in various designs have gained prominence in the market, both at home and abroad. During the time of French colonization Van Phuc silk was displayed at the fairs in Marseille and Paris, giving it its first exposure internationally.


 Van Phuc Silk-1
Natural silk from silk worms makes Van Phuc silk unique and famous.



Through many ups and downs of Vietnam’s history and the global economic situation, the craft of silk weaving has been preserved by Van Phuc villagers, maintaining a unique cultural trait of the millennial capital of Thang Long – Hanoi.


 Van Phuc Silk-2
A traditional silk weaving workshop in Van Phuc Village.

Of all the Van Phuc branded silk products, undoubtedly the most charming and beautiful product is the Ao dai made of silk, commonly known as the silky Ao dai Ha Dong. The garment, often adorned with images of clouds, a dragon, phoenix or cranes, enhances women’s charm and beauty. Van Phuc silk was among the high-grade products reserved for kings and mandarins.


Van Phuc silk is soft textured and provides the wearer with warmth in the colder months and a cooling airiness in the summer.


 Van Phuc Silk-3
Van Phuc silk is famous for its smoothness and softness.


Nowadays, with advanced weaving and sewing technology, silk products are more diverse, from scarves, shirts and vests to the Ao dai.


With every passing day, Van Phuc Village further upgrades the silk making technology, but its craft of silk weaving with its traditional traits has been maintained and handed down from generation to generation, contributing to beautifying the clothing culture of the Vietnamese people.

(Source: Vietnam Pictorial)