Enchanting journey to Binh Chau Beach

A trip tEnchanting journey to Binh Chau Beacho Cam Ranh Bay in the central city of Cam Ranh was an impromptu one for a quintet of buddies who always are open to explore new things, new places as we never want to be caught up in melancholy of rainy June in the city.

Going around the winding roads by the coast for a few dozen kilometers, through many sandy beaches studded with pink cactus flowers, limestone mountains and glistening beams shining on the waves and winds blowing away the footprints on the sand like they were getting for ours was such a powerful experience. Meanwhile, waves crashed onto the shore deliberately to call us to join in that splendid marine world. All created a mosaic work in our eyes.

Here we were – Binh Chau Beach on Cam Ranh Bay finally revealed in our delighted eyes and excited screams. The car stopped by a cashew garden as we prayed we were close. Five minutes later, the beach appeared with some fishing boats anchoring silently, some kids playing in water together and rocks standing there provocatively.

We strolled over a 100 meter section of breeding lobsters as we were enchanted by a pristine beach surrounded by giant rocks and took a lot of snapshots and sat there to enjoy the panoramic view of the beach.

As we could not resist that attraction, we started our journey underwater to admire beautiful water and relaxed until it was time to leave this little piece of paradise.

(Source: SGT)