Exploring colonial architecture in Nang Gu Church

If you are heading from Chau Doc Town to Long Xuyen Commune in An Giang Province, about 30 kilometers into the journey you will see a stunning church on the right hand side.

ThaExploring colonial architecture in Nang Gu Churcht is Nang Gu Church located at 1779 on National Road No 91, Binh An 2 hamlet, An Hoa Commune, Chau Thanh District. The church currently is led by Father Peter Nguyen Van Mieu and has about 5,500 parishioners.

Built in 1930 during colonial times, the church looks magnificent due to its French design. It includes two praying houses and an Ave Maria Monument. The church looks like an ancient building from the outside but inside is an amazing world for tourists to explore.

Designed in vault form, the church makes people feel as if it is high and large. All the doors and windows are made of wood and statues and bas-relief are artworks worth to be discovered to learn about colonial architecture and sculptures.

The name Nang Gu is from the Khmer language, meaning a large land.

Currently, Nang Gu area and Bang Gu wharf are destinations for who want find out natural riddles of Vam Nao, the river linking Tien Giang and Hau Giang rivers. Vam Nao is known as home to many kinds of fish such as bong lau, coc, ho and suu. Some local fishermen informed that there are a few sea fish coming to live in the fresh water river like thu fish.