Ho Chi Minh City – “Pearl of the East”

When mentioning Ho Chi Minh City (Sai Gon is the former name), we talk about a cHo Chi Minh Cityity of youthful, dynamicity and speedy growth. What hides behind the beauty is architecture, loving human characteristics and diversed regional cuisine.

Walking through the streets, watching the ancient beauty in architecture of Saigon City Hall – where the City People’s Committee, majestic beauty of the museum, modern of the Reunification Palace, the bustling Ben Thanh Market and natural beauty of Turtle Lake – visitors will go from surprise to surprise in front of the vast and unique world.

Moreover, the architectural beauty of the temples, pagodas, shrines diverse, multi-colors make the specific ancient definition of this young city.

When the bright lights on the road, visitors can drop yourselves in the view of Saigon Port, cruising and watching the boat of Dragon at night.

Strolling through the streets of District 5, visitors to the “China Town” of the U.S., with impressive range red lanterns evoke warm and brilliant.

There is a variety of entertainment centers and trade centers downtown, you can enjoy hundreds of world-renowned brands until late night, as the streets are always bustling, crowded and busy. Saigon is also called “shopping paradise” for many shopaholics

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Cuisine also contributes to the profound reminiscent. From spring rolls, cake mix, noodles, Saigon tea to hot pot with vegetables, diversity of fish, and numerous tropical fruits, visitors will not forget the taste of the South land, the charming and cool bar, professional service, friendliness and hospitability.

From the past to present, Ho Chi Minh City is always considered “Pearl of the East” – attractive, sexy, convergence and shine!