Magnificent Ba Ra Mountain

For many years, Ba Ra Mountain has been known as a fascinating tourist site in Binh Phuoc Province, attracting a large number of visitors.

Magnificent Ba Ra Mountain

Located at an altitude of 750m, Ba Ra Mountain in Phuoc Long Town in the southern province of Binh Phuoc is one of the three highest mountains in southeastern Viet Nam. The locals, mainly the Stieng ethnic people, call the mountain BonomBrah or Yumbra, meaning the Genie Peak, because it is considered a sacred place.

In the early 20th century, Ba Ra Mountain was a remote place so the French colonialists built a prison to confine Vietnamese revolutionary fighters. It is the place which witnessed the success of the Phuoc Long people and army during the resistance wars against the French and the Americans.

Today, Ba Ra Mountain has become one of the “must-see” destinations for tourists to Binh Phuoc because of its wild and magnificent landscape. Tourists can reach the peak of the mountain two ways, by walking up 1,767 steps from Bang Lang Hill or riding a cable car.

From the peak, tourists have a panoramic view of the beautiful Thac Mo Town and Thac Mo Reservoir with 10 islands shaded by trees. During the rainy season, the reservoir’s water surface spreads to 12,000ha so it looks like an immense sea amidst the forest and mountains. At night, Thac Mo is sparkling and brilliant with lights from the hydro-electricity power plant.

Ba Ra is cool all year round, the same as Da Lat Plateau. Visiting the mountain, tourists will have a chance to enjoy the cool and fresh air, see clusters of clouds floating over the mountain in the early morning or a curtain of dew in the afternoon and discovering a lot of beautiful spots.

Near Ba Ra Mountain is Bu Gia Map National Park, covering 2,6000ha, which belongs to the Southeast Asian bio-geological area. It is the home of many rare animals and plants.

With a wild landscape endowed by nature, Ba Ra Mountain receives thousands of tourists each year.
Source: VNP