Pristine beauty of Vinh Hy Bay

Tourists in NinhPristine beauty of Vinh Hy Bay Thuan Province must be amazed by the splendid pristine beauty of Vinh Hy Bay, we certainly thought so.

Departing from HCMC by train at 6 a.m., we reached Thap Cham in Phan Rang City at around 12 p.m. Taking chicken rice for lunch, we checked in a local four-star resort costing us about VND1.2 million for a standard villa for three days and two nights.

Afternoon was a time for us to go for a swim to wash away tiredness after a long journey. We also had beautiful sunset moments on the first day.

At night we went out for a fresh seafood party on the beach in a restaurant about five kilometers from the resort which was good preparation for the next day’s exploration on Vinh Hy Bay.

To get to the bay located about 42 kilometers from Phan Rang City, tourists can take a bus or a taxi. Surroundings along the way were a joy with coconut lines, grape trellis, dragon fruit farms and sections studded with small streams.

The road is rather sinuous but the landscape will surely cheer excursionists up.

Vinh Hy Oasis is charming due to its tough geography with the sea on one side, with endless mountains on the others.

And finally, we could not wait anymore to cruise around the bay which is endowed with many stunning beaches. A boat trip for a group of about 12 tourists will cost VND800,000.

The highlight of the cruise was diving for coral As the water is very pure and blue you can see colorful corals and schools of fish underwater.

On the way back, tourists should stop on floating fish farms to enjoy fresh seafood.

In the afternoon, the journey moved onto Binh Tien Beach which is renowned for its primitiveness. There, visitors can also dive in to explore the marine world.

When sunset comes, tourists should not miss Nui Chua Nature Reserve and Lo O Stream. The path to the stream is like a dreamy mosaic with rice fields, giant seasoned trees and sun rays as well as the smoke from farms.

On the way back to the resort, tourists should spend some minutes at Vien Ngo Zen Monastery which has an 11-meter Bodhisattva statue.

At night-time we had fun shopping in Phan Rang market and enjoyed some local specialties capping off a great trip.

(Source: SGT)