Scenic Ta Gu Waterfall

TaScenic Ta Gu Waterfall Gu, which is also known as Nga Voi Waterfall, is a must-visit destination in Khanh Son District of the coastal central province of Khanh Hoa. Many locals and visitors describe the waterfall as a sleeping beauty in the jungle.

To admire the beauty requires endeavor of visitors but the reward for them is great. They should travel on Provincial Road 656 from Cam Ranh City to Khanh Son District and then turns to a small road that leads to the waterfall. During this 46-km journey, they might experience two different seasons featuring a typical scorching summer in central Viet Nam and a cool autumn at Khanh Son Pass.

The beautiful scenes along the trip around this time are yellow paddy fields before a harvest season, pink lotus waving in the breezes of early summer, the greenery of forests, hills and mountains, and the picturesque Cam Ranh Bay.

Travelers should ask locals for help to reach the waterfall as there is no traffic sign along the way. Visitors have to park their vehicles half way and then walk on an adventurous path and make their way through roots of some old trees and cliffs before they can enjoy the scenic waterfall.

Visitors can hear water falling down from a distance. There, they can swim in a tranquil lake right under the waterfall.

Source: SGT