Ho Dynasty

Vietnam History - Ho DynastyKings of Ho Dynasty (1400–1407):
– Ho Quy Ly (1400-1410)
– Ho Han Thuong (1400-1407)

The practice of bequeathing the throne to a designated son (not simply passing it on to the eldest) was similar to what had happened in the previous Tran Dynasty and was meant to avoid sibling rivalry. Ho Quy Ly’s eldest son, Ho Nguyen Trung, played his part as the dynasty’s military general.

The appearance of the Ho family name, origin and background can be traced back to 9th century Zhejiang, which was then in the midst of the Five Dynasties struggle. From Zhejiang, the family migrated south until they established themselves in Nam Viet (Vietnam).Ho Quy Ly was such a politician. He was widely known for his cunning, courage, and boldness, and had distinguished himself in a successful campaign against the Chams of Champa. Through his scheming and shrewd marriage alliances (to a sister of Emperor Tran Due Tong and Tran Thuan Tong), Ho Quy Ly made himself a court fixture in the position of the emperors’ indispensable advisor. In less than 20 years, while many others involved in court intrigues were being assassinated all around him, Ho Quy Ly attained the highest post of General/Protector/Regent of the country in 1399. He had deposed the last king of the Tran.

Because of the short span of the Ho Dynasty and the tragic circumstances he brought upon the country, under the juggle of the Ming, the family name “Ho” was disgraced thereafter. However, historians have attributed to Ho family quite a few notable scholars, dignitaries, and government officials under both the Ly Dynasty and Tran Dynasty.